Olly Murs- Dance With Me Tonight [x]

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That’s a nice beanie you got on Olly 😊

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olly murs + rainbow


From Olly’s Instagram:

What a day….. 😎 #happyyyyyyy #neverforget http://t.co/BduBCRNwlx

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#OMG   #ARGENTINA   #!!!!!  


From Olly’s Twitter:

Rocking out with all the flags out!! #MursinRio http://t.co/PYRqyR9zgE


From Olly’s Instagram:

"Then I was MONKEYING around with this fine GENTLEMAN @robbiewilliams @TheO2 #junglebook … We should have been extras for the new planet of the apes film haha  #cheekymonkeys"

OLLY ESTA EN BRASIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I’ve learned that if there’s a part of your life you can keep to yourself, then that’s what you should do. I’ve found a way to live my private life privately and I will probably be doing that forever."